Media ExpressionWearing Outcome 7

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In the last learning outcome of media expression I learned about jobs,skills and opportunities. I had to find out  what are the Technical skills, and soft skills,I had to name what jobs did I think where available in media production and if I was ready for a job or do I need more training. I had to look up some courses on ITB


Media Expression Learning Outcome 6



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In this learning outcome I had to brainstorm some of the risks  of working in the media  production. I had to  name some  hazards,resources,heath and safety,welfare facilities,hygiene and considerations in a location  were  you would  be filming a movie or play outside or inside.


Media Expression Learning Outcome 5



In this leaning out come I looked at all types of shots, lighting, recording audio,recording and editing  video.I learn what the rule of thirds were and why we have to use the while taken pictures. I had to know what the line of action was and why we use that while making a show or acting on set.I I had to do a brainstorm different lighting options. Did some questions on light souse

Media Expression Learning Outcome 4

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In this module I learned about script,camera shots,story boards.

I made my own story board.I the made out a shooting schedule when and what time the film is to be shoot.

I made up a list of shows for my own radio show and what time and date the shows were on at.

I learned about all the difference shots in movies and tv shows.

I had to underline parts of the script and number them one to twelve and put the into a story board with  a description for each of the shots that  were happen in the story board.



Media Expression Learning Outcome 3


Production Methods: I learned about pre-production,production,post production.Pre-Production is prepping the set up,locations etc. Production is  the voice, actors and actions etc.Post production is the audio, video, Titles etc.I had to pick out 10  production job title and 10 technical and the layout of radio and tv.I talked about the  what techniques  are and do.I identified the media equipment and named them. I did a definition of  sound.I did an auto track and had to name what i could hear.

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Video –

Technical Terms




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  • Watershed: programs with adult hummer
  • Pre-production getting things ready
  • Production the makes of every thing
  • Backing tracks the sounds in the background of a movie.
  • Sound effects the music in a movie
  • Boom helps the sound be better
  • Trailer show parts of the movie
  •  Panning moving the camera around
  •  Special effects make the impossible happen





 Production Job Tiles


  • Actor: Plays a part in the film
  • Writer: wrights up script
  • Presenter: hot’s the TV show
  • Costume designer: makes the cloths for the actors.
  • Director: directs the film/TV shows
  • Hair artist: Dose the hair of the actors/presenters
  • Producer: makes the story line.
  • Presenter: Presents the TV show.
  •  Editor: puts the credits
  • Boom operator: the person the controls the voices of the people talking.