Learning Outcome3

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Image credit:  by word press.

  1 Changes of the computers

The changes  in computers they  have become  more easier to get on the internet

They became less hard  to set up and lighter to carry around.

They  have become  more  smaller and  are not bigger  like they use to be.

2 Benefits of the  computers in the business

No paper is need to type out  all  your work.

You can save all your work into a file.

You can make your own web page

3 Barcodes



Barcodes are labels  you can scan on the back of  am item

You use them  to stop people rubbing the items in the shops

Also to find out  what number the item is


4 What are QR codes

q and r.png

QR are like barcodes but  you just san over them get to a we site.

You see them  on bus, and any where there’s a poster up.


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