Digital Media Technology in Organisations Learning Out Come2

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In this module I learned about Digital media technology  for a business.I learned  what an E-commerce, E-government, E-learning are and what they are use for.I found out  all the advantage and disadvantage of E-commerce.I did  a part on education and list a view digital media technology in training.I learned in this module that E-learning  is a learning via on the internet and how you can sigh up up for a online courses.

1 E-commerces Is website  such as New Look  or Done deal where  you can  buy things  with out haven to go to the shops and wait in line thats the good thing.The bad thing is  you could loses money and get something  you don’t want.

2 How digital media helps business : Digital media  helps  in business because  you  can  copy a paste  your  work.Some business use advertising  to  get  more staff to work  for  them.Sometimes you can find the company on there website.They use computers  and advertise to get there business out there.

3 Keywords

1 E-learning  is  when you can  learning  form the internet  doing online courses.


2 E-commerce is a site u can use  to save  your money on while buying  clothes etc off an website. Ex: http://www.New

3 Skype: is when  you can talk face to face with someone.

4 Trends: new cloths that people  wear to  get there  style out there.

5 Communication:  talking to some on  social media



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