Learning Out Come 4 Pre Production and Post Production.



scene-12 Pitchers  by word press

Scene 1 Guy walks down a dark alleyway. Jack Johnson, aka ‘The Rat’ attacks the guy who is walking down the alleyway but the person who is getting attacked is John Hanson, aka ‘The Muscle’. John Hanson suddenly gets a flashback of his parents who got killed by vicious rats controlled by the Rat Man.

scene 3.jpgScene 2

John’s rage gets stronger after the flashback of his parents death. His muscles double in strength and size. The Rat suddenly remembers who this man is and trembles for a split second, and the muscle stares into his eyes and says you’ll pay

scene 4.jpg

Scene 3

The rat man and the muscle clash into battle. The rat then sends his rats to aid him. As the rats attack him he then remembers the rats covering and killing his parents. As he’s being attacked he drops to his knees and as the rage in him increases he then stands up and screams in rage and stretched his body out which causes them to fly in different directions.

Scene 4

As rat man throws the first punch at muscle man. But as his fist makes impact on his jaw rat man shatters the bones in his fist. Then muscle man grabs him up by the neck and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. As he about to bring the finishing blow he then stops and realizes if he kills rat man he is no better than him. He then drops rat man on the ground. Rat man says why didn’t you kill me. Muscle man replies because I’m not like you. Suddenly rat man calls his rat minions to attack muscle man once again. Muscle man eventually gets drops to his knees and then gets back up and he looks around and rat man has disappeared, Rat man lives to fight another day.


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