Learning Outcome 6- Digital Media Technology and creation an online identity.

1, An online Identity : A online identity is where  you  fill out a questioner about yourself when singing up for social media

2, You would would use it when u sign up to a social media such as Facebook etc.

3,We use online  Identity  if  we want to make an account on social media and online gaming.

online identity.jpeg

pics by word press

2. What is social media optimisation: 

Social  media optimisation is  SMO for short.SMO is like a bog that goole  has   and it can be applied  by adding a shed button  or putting in key words.

3.why do you think social media marketing is important

I  don’t  think  social media marketing is important because  you could lose all   your money easy.

I found this interesting because  i learned  all about social  media marketing and why its important in the world.



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