Learning Outcome 10 digital media technology usage.


Pics by: Goole Images

In this learning I learned  about :

  • Copy rights 
  • Copy rights and related rights act (2000,2004)
  • Data protection  act (1988,2003)
  • Internet policy in the work place.


1Copy Rights: I learned  that copy righting is  bad  because you don’t know  who  can get  your videos  that you  put up  online.

2Data Protection Act 1988,2003:Data protection is when  give your  personal details to an organisation such E-bay.

3Copy Rights and Related right act:Copy rights are a legal concept that is enforced  by the government to protect the authors original work.

4Internet policy:Some businesses  do not let you got on  the like of social media or use other peoples e-mails  because  they don’t think its safe or  it might be  a rule in the work place. Some work places  give you E-mails to use  for them.






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