Portfolio E2 working in recruitment agency.




The qualities of an ideal employee  

  • avoid  taking risks
  • have to be responsible for actions
  • be polite to others
  • be on time
  • be reliable
  • have good manners


 qualities of an ideal employer

  • provides good training 
  • treats people with respect
  • pays taxes and insurance
  • who provides a holiday to their employee
  • who cares about their employees and treats them well.
  • treats all employees equally




When coping with unemployment you might fine it hard to relax so have a schedule for  everyday stay positive.



Career changes: 

Career change could become redundant,retrain,changing,location or haven to retrain.You need to stay positive and keep a schedule.


images (1)

New working positions:

When you start a new job you arrive early everyday, talk to colleagues , research about the new job you have.




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