WorkPlace Safety-PPE

(1)Head  protection is  used for your head  in case some thing  falls on your head in the  building area

download (1).png

Ear protection is use if  you work where there is a lot of noise

download (2).png

Foot protection is used  when you  work in building sites

download .jpeg

Face and eye protection is  use when working in a building


If working in  a Building area  you   have to where  body protection


We need  weather proof clothes in case it rains of its mucky outside

images (2).jpeg

When on a bike you must have reflective clothes  on  you see u will be seen in the dark

download (1.jpeg

When going into  a chemical  area you must always wear a respiratory protection.

download (1).jpeg

If  have to do climbing  in  you job you must wear a harness so you can be stuck to a rope  so you don’t fall.

load .jpeg

If you look after  cars as your job  you will need  a safety rope do help work with the cars.



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