Digital Media Learning Outcome 1

In this unit I did : 

  • A Quick history of smartphones
  • ares codes
  • voice mail and security
  • key locks on your phone
  • digital media devices and uses
  • smartphone exercise 2
  • smartphone exercise 1
  • using smartphones in training
  • entertainment
  • convenience

I  looked  the ares codes in Ireland and  Europe did  a quick history  on smartphones. I learned about  voice mail and security and key locks  on your phone .I name  the digital media devices and there uses.I  named some smartphones and supporting course work and entertainment.I also named convenience.



I  have a HTC  phone it is a good phone  to  have  you can bring it to any place  u you go  because  you can watch Netflix on it.


goole images

Digital Media learning Outcome 4 -Audi0

In this model I learned about audio,pitch and frequency,audio in tv and film,audio at home and what  a dead cat,boom pole,lapel mic are and what they do.I learned that the human range of hearing  can  have a passing point  where  the sound  is either to high or  to low.sometimes the frequency of the sound can hurt your ears. Frequency is measured in units.the doppler effect is a sound  that you hear as it goes by .You can hear it less and less as the ambulance or Garda car passes by you.



                                foley:pics by goole images                                         viceover
Voiceover: pics by goole images



Digital Media Learning Outcome6-Security and Copyright.

In this learning outcome I learned about computer viruses,backing up your files, administrator,read only,passwords,read only,whats a good practice,content monitoring,why data needs to be protected,what is copyright,creative commons,patents trademarks, what a legal or illegal. I found out that  a viruses copies it self onto a computer and spreads  to another  computer. I also found out  ways to  protect your computer against  a computer viruses you can  do that by  putting  on McAfee or norton.outcom-6



Creative Commons is when  share remixes of some ones  work as long as it is fair and there ok with it. Wikipedia creative commons link

here where u can see more about copyrights in Ireland

Video Project Learning Outcome3

     Video Project:My Interview on my courses.

As a group we sorted out what  questions we  wanted the other person to  ask us while been interview on camera. For my video project I did an interview. I had teamed up with someone in the class to ask me the questions.I then  would give the my answer to the other person the was interviewing me no my courses then I put it up on u tube to be  viewed by  the  teacher only.


Digital Media Learning Outcome3-Video Blog 1





In this unit I learned about Digital Video.I learn that  its better if use the tripod  if you are filming  a film.I learned  that  the good  thing about the tripod  is that  you  can  get  a smooth  footage and  it holds the camera still and in place.Also I found  out  that a landscape is better  if u are watching  a youtube  video. you can  get better  quality and  the screen is bigger.I learned that  if you  zoom in and out is bad  because  it looks unprofessional and there is booming in look.I  found  out  all   about  framing.


The Rule of Thirds:  the rules of thirds is  very important  because it makes your  video and photography look interesting  and professional.