Media Expression Learning Outcome 2

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In this learning outcome I looked at television and radio stations. I made a list of TV shows and radio stations. I found out the percentage of Irish adults listen to the radio on an average day was 83%. I went on a website that gave me the percentage of people that watch TV and which TV channel they watch. I had to name the top five programmes that are on RTÉ One and RTÉ two. I had to pick out one similarity and one difference between TV schedules. I had to come up with a definition for prime time and watershed. Prime time means the time at which most people are watching. Watershed when adult shows are broadcasted.






Media Expression Learning Outcome 1

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In this learning outcome I learned about formats, TV shows, international formats, radio production formats and the differences between news and podcasts. I named a few TV shows and what time they are on at and the channels they are on. I listed a few radio shows and what time and day they were on. I did up some format of my own and what time the where on at. I then described the roles of a writer, producer, presenter and director and what they all do. I the listed five other roles the can be found in media production and in radio. I named a movie that I thought was good and had to find out who the director, producer and writer were.


Safe Working Environment

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Three Ireland Dublin 15

  • check that there is no hazards
  • make sure that it has smoke alarms
  • make sure there are a o lot off fire exits
  • check that employee’s are flowing the rules
  • make sure employees have the right clothes on
  • have asses to what is a hazards in the store
  • control measures to make sure there no hazards in the store.
  • Make sure  the employer is on time in the right clothes.
  • have ramps for weal chairs to get in if there steps to the store
  • make a evacuation plan.

WorkPlace Safety-PPE

(1)Head  protection is  used for your head  in case some thing  falls on your head in the  building area

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Ear protection is use if  you work where there is a lot of noise

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Foot protection is used  when you  work in building sites

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Face and eye protection is  use when working in a building


If working in  a Building area  you   have to where  body protection


We need  weather proof clothes in case it rains of its mucky outside

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When on a bike you must have reflective clothes  on  you see u will be seen in the dark

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When going into  a chemical  area you must always wear a respiratory protection.

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If  have to do climbing  in  you job you must wear a harness so you can be stuck to a rope  so you don’t fall.

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If you look after  cars as your job  you will need  a safety rope do help work with the cars.


Portfolio E2 working in recruitment agency.




The qualities of an ideal employee  

  • avoid  taking risks
  • have to be responsible for actions
  • be polite to others
  • be on time
  • be reliable
  • have good manners


 qualities of an ideal employer

  • provides good training 
  • treats people with respect
  • pays taxes and insurance
  • who provides a holiday to their employee
  • who cares about their employees and treats them well.
  • treats all employees equally




When coping with unemployment you might fine it hard to relax so have a schedule for  everyday stay positive.



Career changes: 

Career change could become redundant,retrain,changing,location or haven to retrain.You need to stay positive and keep a schedule.


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New working positions:

When you start a new job you arrive early everyday, talk to colleagues , research about the new job you have.



Media Expression Learning Outcome 5

In this outcome I learned  what  a  a close up and long shot are and what the rule of thirds where.I found out why it is important to not cross the line of action.I learned what a point of view, over the shoulder,dutch angle,extreme wild shot,extreme long shot, wild shot,long shot,medium shot, medium close up,close up,extreme close what are they and what is  the role they have in the film or movie.I learned what the camera shots, angles movement that might be used in  a film  or tv show or  movie.